Bed Readiness of your Toddler

Knowing when your toddler is ready to transition from baby bed to toddler bed is not an exact science. It is the parents who knows very well when the right time for the transition. But before that we have listed things you should know so that you can decide on your own when to move on or not.

Toddler beds are the same size as a crib so there is no adjusting there. The only difference between the two is the bed rails. Bed rails in toddler beds are much lower compared than crib rails. Bed rails on toddler beds are simply used for stopping your toddler from falling over the bed. These sometimes are located on the upper part of the bed. Now observe your toddler if this will be a problem to your kid, if it is then wait on the transition. To get your kid familiarize with the toddler bed is that both should be out on the same time. Use the toddler be for napping or reading until your kid is ready to move on to the bed.

Parents prefer using the toddler bed over the crib because it is spacious, and it has fewer rails. Many toddler beds have the same mattress as a baby crib. This can help you transition your kid faster from the crib to the toddler bed. Speaking of toddlers, you can visit this great site on strollers and compare the best stroller side by side.

Toddler bed is built for toddlers therefore it has short legs. The bed will be built closer to the ground compare to baby cribs. This is so, so that the toddler can jump out and in of the bed with ease. Just make sure that the bed is strong enough to handle these actions from your toddler. It would be a nightmare to see your kid on the floor when the bed collapses, we do not want that to happen.