Basketball: A Worldwide Sport

I really love sports, especially NBA. I love watching it. I am a huge fan of Lebron, Curry and Luka “the unicorn” Doncic. The NBA right now is not only limited to US players anymore. More and more NBA teams are drafting players from all over the world. See the NBA is not for the USA anymore but for the whole world. We have talents like, Dirk from Germany and Manu Ginobili from Argentina to name a few.

The European League has already influenced the NBA. Ginobili the well-known user of the euro step was from Argentina and he will be soon a hall of famer. Ginobli is not the only soon to be hall of famer that is not from the USA. The players that I am aware of that will surely be in the hall of fame aside from the two the I have mention earlier are I think is Tony Parker, well that is what I can think of right now. I am thinking if you want promo codes for playing on bovada you can get it here.

If you could analyze the players that I choose are mostly from the San Antonio Spurs. Well I am a huge fan of the team. This team mostly draft or choose players from outside the USA mostly. Greg Popovich and scouts of the team prospect players from outside the country and I think this is a good move.

Well the Spurs are not the only that have a superstar talent currently that is not an American player. The Buck has “the Greek Freak” his name is so complicated to spell. We have Luka from Dallas. That is all I remember right now.

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What I am trying to say on this post is that, basketball is a binder of people. It is the sole reason why we gather and enjoy ourselves. Whether we are in the arena or at home watching, basketball brings us closer together. It not a sport for Americans but also for the whole world.